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My name is Jim Frixen. I guess that if you are here, you are looking for help with losing weight, or you need more energy throughout the day or you need a way to  get to sleep fast at night. Well...I have some great high quality nutritional supplements that can help with that. But first of all, let me tell you a bit about myself so that you will know that I know what I am talking about when it comes to nutrition. Back in the late 1980's, going into the 1990's, I was blacking out behind the steering wheel. Luckily, I was never hurt in any of those accidents. But they did rush a lady to the hospital after one of those accidents. I blacked out at home and knocked a tooth out and screwed my back up so badly that I could hardly get in and out of bed or a chair. I went to the dentist and he said that I was very lucky because I had just missed the nerves when that tooth broke off. If I would have tapped into the nerves, I would have been in terrible pain and would have needed a root canal. An artificial piece was put on my tooth and I was good to go. I saw many doctors and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. One doctor thought that I might have a low blood sugar issue and ordered a glucose tolerance test. He looked at the results when they came in and he told me "everything looks just fine young man."  Finally, I saw a doctor who was both a psychiatrist and a neurologist. He had had an issue with low blood sugar himself, understood it, and thought that was what was wrong with me. He ordered another glucose tolerance test and when he looked at the results he said that I had a very serious problem. So I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. This same doctor also found a problem in my brain, but couldn't fully diagnose what was wrong. I was put on all kinds of medications including ones to help balance out my brain. Quite honestly, none of that did any good for me at all. Also, I had terrible anxiety to the point that I could hardly function in social situations. I was on a doctor's stainless steel examination table one time with my shirt off and was dripping sweat from under my arms onto his examination table. I was at the book store and bought this book titled "The Low Blood Sugar Handbook." The man that wrote the book had healed himself from a low blood sugar issue through nutrition and was offering nutritional counseling over the telephone. I called him up. He was a very nice man and so I ended up with nutritional counseling sessions over the phone. You could pay him whatever you wanted and he was basically doing all of this because he wanted to help others. Because of this nutritional counseling, I actually started to feel better. I knew nothing about nutrition at the time and started studying nutrition myself at the time. I have been studying nutrition now extensively since the early 1990's and so I know a lot about nutrition. It didn't happen overnight, it took years, but I just can't believe how my body has healed and how well I am today. I saw another psychiatrist around 2010, give or take a year. I was having behavioral issues that made no sense at all. This doctor said that there was no way that they could have fully diagnosed what was wrong with my brain back in the early 1990's, but now it was possible. He diagnosed me as having a 17% imbalance between the two halves of my brain. He said that this wouldn't just develop for no reason and figured that my low blood sugar issue was the cause. Your brain uses sugar, or glucose, for fuel. Without it and when my sugar was low, my brain was starved for fuel and I would black out and this imbalance developed. Also, the doctor said that there was no way that I was able to think clearly. The doctor had 4 or 5 medication choices for me. I was seeing a naturopathic doctor at the time and wanted to go that route for treatment. The psychiatrist was very understanding and faxed the records to my naturopath. So I made an appointment with my naturopath. He had already received those records and so when I arrived for my appointment, he had everything all figured out as to what he was going to do. I am so happy that I went that route for treatment because now I am able to think clearly and all those weird behavioral issues have cleared up. So now maybe you will understand that I know a great deal about nutrition. I can tell the difference between junk and quality. I want to offer something of quality to you. I have gone over these supplements with a fine toothed comb and they are of good quality and pass my inspection. They are mostly all natural with the exception of synthetic B vitamins. Now I didn't formulate these supplements, but if I did, I would have put in real B vitamins. But the synthetics are bio identical to the real deal. Now...a little bit about the products:

-Burn (for weight loss)
Contains Organic African mango
Clinically proven weight loss ingredient

-Slay (for energy)
Contains B vitamins and Organic Green Tea

-Reset (for sleep)
Contains melatonin and Organic Chamomile

Now I can tell you that these products do work. I personally know of numerous people who have lost weight with the Burn, as much as 30-40 pounds. Now results will be enhanced if you eat cleaner and exercise. But one woman that I know lost 11 pounds and didn't exercise or change her diet at all. That was the latest that I heard and she may have lost even more weight by now. And numerous people are testifying that I know of that take the reset before bed and are asleep in 15-20 minutes.

These supplements come in the form of vibes, which are tablets. You place a vibe in the top chamber of a unique water bottle, fill with water and drink. How easy is that? You can use already filtered water, or attach a filter to the top of the bottle, use tap water and when you drink the filter will purify the water. The bottle is biodegradable and contains nothing toxic.

There is an affiliate marketing opportunity attached to these products also. If you would like to promote these products, you will make a commission for any sales that you generate. Or you can sign others up as affiliate marketers, have them join your team, and make money when they make money. More about this on page 2 of this sales funnel.

Let's say that want to become an affiliate marketer and actually succeed at it. Well...I can point you to a website where over the course of 30 days you can build a sales funnel just like the one that I have. And when you bring others in on your team, you can send them to build a sales funnel as well so that they can succeed also...remember that when others on your team make money, you make money. And for everyone that you send to build a sales funnel, you make $100 when they sign up to do so. More about this on page 3 of this sales funnel.

For an in depth overview of the products and the affiliate marketing opportunity, just click on the button above or below. You will land at my affiliate website. Then click on "Become an Affiliate." There is a video to watch and a woman will go into detail about the products first and then if you want to learn about the affiliate marketing's awesome...I wouldn't even be involved if it wasn't...stick around to learn about that.

So whatever journey you might decide to take, be it to lose weight, have more energy, get to sleep fast or become an affiliate marketer and make some money, thank you and I wish you the best...
                                                                            Jim Frixen

Lose Weight...Have More Energy...Fall Asleep Fast
You can make money with the affiliate marketing opportunity
Why not start a positive journey today...
  • ​Burn product with organic african mango...clinically proven weight loss.
  • ​Reset product with melatonin and organic chamomile to help you get to sleep fast.
  • Just place a Burn, Slay or Reset vibe (tablet) in the top chamber of the unique biodegradable, non toxic bottle, fill with water and drink. How easy is that? Use already filtered water or attach filter to bottle and use tap water.​
  • ​​Slay product with B vitamins and organic green tea for energy.
  •  Network marketing opportunity...make money promoting these great products and bringing in other individuals to join your team.
  • ​Create a sales funnel just like I have to succeed at the network marketing opportunity.
  • ​Send the individuals that join you in the network marketing opportunity to create a sales funnel so they will succeed. Remember...when others on your team make money, you make money. When someone that you send to build a sales funnel signs up to do so, you make $100.
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