Become an affiliate marketer! Make money by promoting these awesome nutritional products and by bringing in others to join your team!
Affiliate Marketing Opportunity
AS You may already know, I had a serious medical issue back in the late 1980's-1990's and I learned how to heal my body through nutrition. I have been studying nutrition since the early 1990's and so I know a great deal about nutrition. I can spot the junk from the good stuff. I went over these nutritional supplements with a fine toothed come and they all pass my inspection. I just want you to know that I am promoting something of quality and that you will be promoting something of quality should you decide to do this as a business. There are two ways to make money. You can promote the products and when people buy, you make a commission. And/or you can sign people up as an affiliate marketer, have them join your group and when they make money, you make money. Also, when the people that you bring in bring in others, you make money from those individuals as well. Now you might be wondering how you can succeed at this if you do decide to do this as a business. I wondered the same thing when I got started. Well...I stumbled across a website where you can build out a sales funnel in 30 days, How would you like to build one just like the one that I have? It isn't that overwhelming. There is a Facebook group that you go to everyday, Monday through Friday. There is a video to watch and then you complete the assignment for the day and after 30 days you will have a sales funnel built. There is great live chat for support so you can have questions answered and you are pointed to other videos where experts give advice on how to do things correctly. You get the weekends off and this is a great way to catch up should you fall behind. And if you do decide to do this and start bringing in others to join your team as affiliate marketers, you need them to succeed. Remember...when the others that you bring in make money, you make money. Well, you can send them to build a sales funnel as well so that they will succeed. And when they sign up to build a sales funnel, you make $100. On page 3 of this funnel, I will point you to where to go to build a sales funnel. Now...I am going to point you to a video so that you can learn about the compensation plan. It is amazing and I wouldn't even be involved if it wasn't. A gal that is making a lot of money at this can explain things better than I can. Maybe you have already watched this video. I did promote it on page 1 of this funnel. But if you haven't seen it, just click on the button above or below. This will take you to my affiliate website. When you get there, click on "Become an Affiliate" and watch the video. The products will be explained first followed by the affiliate marketing opportunity. Thank you and I wish you the best should you decide to do this as a business...
                                                                                                                                                       Jim Frixen
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